Don't Get Scammed This Holiday Season

Don't Get Scammed This Holiday Season

Tis the season for your wallet to scream HELP ME! But, the joy you see on your loved ones faces makes it all worth it...right? That is, unless, you get caught in a scam during what's supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year. 

When it comes to online shopping, the deals are non-stop and the predators are also hard at work. With the past year(s) we've had, it's no secret that we would LOVE to catch a break. The last thing we want to worry about is getting scammed or having your identity stolen while shopping for the last Paw Patrol doll. Which brings up a very important question, how can you avoid being scammed this holiday season?

According to Norton "e-commerce fraud -related losses will reach almost $6.4 million." Yikes! So why are we still shopping online when hackers are waiting for a broken link just to tap into our computers and cell phones? The answer to that is easy, online is easier but it doesn't have to be harder.

Here are a few tips to making sure you're protected and are shopping on a trusted site (like The Shoppers Outlet) for all your holiday needs: 

  • Do research before you buy! And not just about the products but also about the company. 
  • Check to see if the company has a reliable customer service number and or email address. 
  • Read company reviews. What are other customers saying? 
  • Be mindful of cookies. 
  • If they want a social security number prior to purchase, exit out immediately!
  •  Read the site policies and practices. 
  • If the spelling is horrible and the site look sketchy, run for the hills! 

While shopping this season and making sure you buy safe and smart, remember, not all good deals come at a low cost. For example, you know, that website that might over a 75" television for $120? I don't want to burst your bubble, but odds are it's a scam. 

Here's some great links to help you spot a scam: 
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So be safe, smart and enjoy your holiday season! We at The Shoppers Outlet always want you to make the most out of your online experience. 

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