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Good day, 

I wanted to explain our "Free Just Pay Shipping and Handling Fees" offers. We offer this types of sale on some of our most popular products. Their is a separate charge for shipping and handling. Our production company charges us a handling fee for each product and we have to pay it.

Our normal Free + Shipping fees currently are $9.97. When you add more than one free + shipping product to your cart, the cost changes. Each additional product has to be paid for. This is the increase you see when you go to checkout.

These products will not be free plus shipping products at all times. They will go back to there regular retail price. by taking advantage of these product offers when present, you aren't paying retail price. 


Retail Price +Shipping: $19.99 + $4.95 = $24.94

Same Product: Free+Shipping Cost = $9.97 

A $14.97 Savings

These are US examples. 

I hope this helps those of you who didn't understand the increase you saw in your cart when you went to checkout.

Have a blessed day!

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