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Hello, Hello! We have been very busy so far this year. I would like to thank all our wonderful customer. I also with to say hello to all of the new family members that have joined us along the way. Welcome!!!

Well, we have changed a little more over the summer months in order to keep up with our customer base. I am happy to announce we have trimmed down product line and have added a new product to our jewelry collection. 

I was asked a question one day (from the boss of me - my wife)!!

When are you going to sell personalized jewelry? Great question I answered!! Then she shared, people should be able to add a photo, be able say something sweet and other stuff. As I'm listening to her I start to wonder, "What is she about to get you into"? 

"Well, Welcome to our new Personalized Engraved Jewelry selection."

I'm happy to introduced you to this wonderful collection of products. You have the choice of adding a photo of your favorite love one, your favorite pet or whatever image you want. You will have the option to add engraving to your selection also. You just upload and add your engraving in the available areas. It a easy process that you have full control of. Once you are happy with your creation, you are done. 

We also offer items that our designers will be adding to the collection. We wanted to provide you with the "Perfect Keepsake" no matter what the occasion. 

Oh, by the way! Their is a special group of products in the collection. We have Polished Stainless Steel Horizontal Bar Necklaces with some amazing designs on them, "You Pay The Shipping" and we'll send you the polished stainless steel horizontal bar necklace of your choice.

Their will be more changes coming soon and we'll keep you informed.

Again, thanks you for being such a loyal customer base.


The Shoppers Outlet


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