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High Speed Gold Plated Plug Male-Male HDMI Cable 1.4

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High Speed HDMI Cable 1.4 with Ethernet

The newest and best digital video connection on the market.
HDMI is the only cable that can transfer uncompressed
high-definition video and multi channel digital audio in
resolutions higher than 1440p. The cable will allow the
transfer of digital audio and video in a single cable,
permitting a less confusing mess of wires and a cleaner
entertainment center. The HDMI connector is small, which
makes it is ideal for installers and in-wall use. HDMI
cables can be used with your HDTV\'s, DVD players, game
consoles, cable and satellite set top boxes and DVRs. This
cable conforms to the latest HDMI version.
The HDMI Ethernet Channel - Delivers ethernet data
interconnectivity to compatible devices through the HDMI
port so you don\'t need extra cables to get extended features.

Audio Return Channel - Allows the HDMI connection between
a television and A/V receiver to transmit audio two ways,
both upstream and downstream. This eliminates the need for
a separate audio cable and ensures you maintain the high
digital audio quality of HDMI.

3D Support - Supports several different methods of rendering
3D images. More Color Spaces Supported - Supports three more
color space options, sYCC601 color, Adobe RGB Color and Adobe
YCC601 color in addition to the X.V color support previously
supported by Deep Color. Each of these promise to deliver a
wider palette of colors to bring you more vibrant pictures.

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a.) Gold-plated connectors for highest signal transfer rate
     and resistance in corrosion.
b.) Reinforced quad-layer braided shielding and Mylar-foil
     shielding provides utmost protection against RF and EM
c.) Molded strain-relief design lessens plug/socket pressure
d.) Designed to meet all HDMI standards
e.) Supports 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, resolution
f.) Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio bitstream capable
g.) Fully supports 3D over HDMI feature
h.) Cable Length: 30cm,1m,1.5m,2m,3m,5m,
i.) Color: Black Red

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